Animal Feed

Cottonseed De Oiled Cake

Cottonseed De Oiled CakeThe Cottonseed De Oiled Cake, which is processed in compliance with the food quality standards. These Cakes are residual product, which is obtained after the oil is extracted from the cotton seed. Thus, the Oiled Cake is rich in various nutrients having 48% protein content.

Groundnut Oil Cakes

Groundnut Oil CakesGroundnut is the major oilseed crop in India, which is also healthy and highly nutritious. These are processed from carefully selected nuts and quality groundnut oil. Thus, the Groundnut Oil Cakes, we offer is known for their great fragrance as well as their distinguishing health benefits.

Rapeseed Meal

Rapeseed MealOur organization holds a distinct position and has become a renowned name in exporting Rapeseed Meal from India. Our entire range is processed under strict hygienic conditions to ensure these are free from husk or castor seeds, weevils, lumps, urea and other impurities. In order to ensure that the Rapeseed Meal remain fresh, we also take due care while packaging these before the delivery of consignments.

Rice Barn De Oiled Cake

Rice Bran De Oiled CakeThe Rice Bran De Oiled Cake is completely dry as these are obtained after the oil is extracted from it. There are rich in many nutrients thus in high demand for feeding dog, fish, horse, pig, other cattle. Besides, Oiled Cake contains digestible fiber as well as minerals and vitamins suitable for the improving the health of cattle.

Variety: Rice Bran
Type: Grain

Soya De Oiled Cake De Oiled Cake is mainly produced in the region of Madhya Pradesh, which is known as the highest producer of soybean. These are rich in nutritive value and works as energy boosters. Further, we ensure that our products are 100% pure and natural suitable to be used in variety of cooking.