Grains & Pulses



MaizeMaize is commonly known as corn in some countries and the largest crop. These are grown under hygienic conditions in Indian fields. We offer both yellow and white color Maize, which is free from any bacteria and fungal diseases. To preserve natural taste and nutrition value for a longer time period these are packed in quality packaging material.


MilletWe offer our clients a quality Indian Bajra, which is most suitable for feeding birds / poultry and fish farms. These are grown predominantly grown in the dry areas of the Far East, and in Africa. Bajra is very rich in fat than wheat, thus a good source of nutritional content and can be fermented to make alcoholic beverages.


BarleyThe healthy Barley, offered by us is highly beneficial as these are free from fats and a good source of protein content. Barley serves as a major animal fodder, as base malt for beer and certain distilled beverages, and also used as a component of various health foods. These also contain high levels of dietary fiber and selenium (a type of antioxidants) useful health.


RiceWe assure premium quality of rice with optimum nutritional values as it is processed using the nutri-select process. Our range of rice includes basmati rice, basmati golden rice, basmati brown rice etc., and is packed attractively in air-tight packages.


SorghumOur clients can avail from us a high quality, which is which used as fodder plants either cultivated or as part of pasture. These are also suitable for the production of alcoholic beverages. Sorghum (Jwar) is also drought tolerant and heat tolerant which is especially important in arid regions.

Beans & Pulses

Beans & PulsesBeans and Pulses, which we are offering are of supreme quality. We are offering these Pulses and Beans in a varied range, which includes Black Matpe, Desi chickpeas, Kabuli Chickpeas, Lentils, Yellow Peas, etc.